How To Make Your Boobs Bigger – Complete Guide

It’s no secret that I want bigger breast. You see I am not ashamed to say that I do, and neither should you. I know that most ladies go under the knife to get breast enlargement but I decided that’s not for me. So I sought out ways to make my breast larger naturally. I tried a lot of stuff and I can tell you for free that most of it don’t work at all so don’t even bother trying magic pills and so on and so forth. Because it would take an eternity to explain everything about breast enlargement that doesn’t really work. I would rather just sort you out with some of the coolest hassle free tricks that I have learned so far and that I have found to work and of which I have some proof. From breast use of medical breast enlarger devices to enlargement exercises and creating an illusion of having larger breast, here is what I found to work for me. But first, why do I have small breast?

Unfortunately, we inherited flat chested traits from our ancestral lineage which means it is programmed in our DNA to have small breast. This makes it really difficult to enlarge breast naturally by any measurable size without going under the knife. However, not everyone who has small breast has them because of their genes. At times it has to do with your medical history and hormonal balance and to some extent your lifestyle and diet. For the latter, it is significantly easier to achieve breast enlargement by having a change of habits without having to get expensive breast implants.

Roles of genes and hormones on breast size

Primarily, it is your genetics that determines the breast size you are going to have as an adult from the moment you were conceived. It is not given that you will inherit you mom’s breast though, you might end up with your great aunt’s breast size or some other matriarch in your lineage. Even so, it is important that you not in despair because even with a genetic make-up spelling small breasts you can still alter your breast size or apparent breast size to look super sexy. In fact, it is the extra large breasted women that have a mountain to climb when trying to reduce their breast size.

Estrogen is the female hormone responsible for breast growth and enlargement. This hormone is naturally produced in the body from puberty and so there is no need to worry about getting supplements. Phytoestrogen is yet another hormone that needs to be balanced in order or you to achieve proper and full sized breast growth. You can check with your physician if you are unsure whether hormonal imbalances are the cause for your small breast.

Small breast due to hypermetabolism
It is also a well-known fact that hypermetabolism can lead to small breast. Bearing in mind that breasts are nothing but masses of fat, if your body is also constantly burning fat and you are on a low-fat diet, you are likely to have reduced breasts. So your first solution to small breast is to eat fatty foods, gain some weight!

How to make your boobs bigger without surgery

• breast enlargement exercises
The following are exercises that can help make your boobs larger naturally by going to the gym. It is a slow process and requires perseverance. But hey, n pain no gain, right? The cool thing about renewing your gym membership or getting a trainer this time around is that you will benefit your overall body fitness and health and not just your boobs

o Push-ups
If push-ups are sort of not your thing, you should try learning with a friend so you don’t throw in the towel way too early. I started with just two sets of five and I have since become quite the push-up pro. Be careful though, not to strain yourself too much, moderation is key.

o Fly lifts
To do this, you will need two weights (light) about 4 pounds each. Lie down on your back with a weight on each hand on either side. Move the weights away from you so you are across and the back in to converge on your chest. This is a pretty good workout for your boobs and is bound to show some quick improvements.

o Wall press
The wall press is one of the easiest exercises you can do almost anywhere. It is just like push ups but you press against a wall in a leaning position

o Crunches
Crunches are not exactly my favorite (I don’t know if the are anyone’s really) but they help me burn some belly fat which is part of what my boobs look smaller than they actually are. Also, it strengthens the pectoral muscles.

• herbs and foods to make your boobs bigger
Foods that stimulate both estrogen and phytoestrogen are considered the best kind for larger breasts. These foods help replenish the vital hormone leading to the growth of larger healthier boobs. These foods include lentils, lima and kidney beans, dairy products apples, carrots and cucumbers, pistachios, walnuts, cashew nuts, chestnuts, red wine, black tea, green tea, strawberries, raspberries, flax seeds and winter squash. Try adding some of these to your diet to replenish your estrogenic banks.
There is another class of pure herbs that stimulate lactation making your body think that it is time to produce milk and hence enlarge the mammary glands( boobs). These include Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. Be careful with such products though because the bottle label doesn’t always tell you exactly what is contained. I recommend that you try fresh herbs only and steer clear of powdered herbs and supplement capsules or syrups or breast enlargement creams. The creams sort of work but some of them contain harsh toxins that could have adverse effects on our health.

Final thoughts on how to make your boobs bigger
As you already have a clue, there are a plethora of boob enlargement products in the online market today. It is hard to say which ones are safe. It is up to you to look out for #1. Yes, we all want larger breast. We all want the perfect breast size and contour, I think it is time to face it, the safest way to do that is to go under the knife, otherwise, stick to natural herbs and foods in the unprocessed state, no harm will come to you. The choices are yours, but all choices have consequences.